New Releases April 1

New products have been released today - something for all ages including the Fairy princess in your life
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Happy Australia Day

One day only special - 20% off any order submitted today - just enter Aussie at the checkout for the discount to be applied.
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Winner of one of our new releases

And the winner is........... Katrina from Helensburgh😀😀🌸. Congratulations Katrina. I will contact you shortly.
There were so many amazing names submitted 🤗🤗 it will take a bit to pick one. 🌸🌸 thank you for your thoughts.
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New Products and Competition

Yay updates done!!!!
New products have been added to our range. Check out the new names on our old favs.😀 Calligraphy Quote Bottles are back in stock. Customs!!! choose either Standard Multi or customised colours.

For those with a keen eye you will notice that there is one product that has not been renamed - the Giant Sphere. PM us a suggested name and you will enter the draw to win one of the products from our new range!!! Entries close Jan 18.

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2018 - here we go

Well..... 2018 is here - can you believe it. Hope everyone is doing well.

On Jan 10 I will be releasing some new products and adding some old favs.

There will also be a competition announced so make sure you check that out.


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12 Days of Christams continues

Day 8 - free shipping on all orders.  

Just add freeship at the checkout.

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12 Days of Christmas

We are having a 12 days of Christmas sale...... being new to this whole online store business I realised today, while talking to my technically challenged sister, that not everyone uses social media.  So if you have missed the posts advertising the specials of the day I am sorry this was not intentional

So for those people that did miss this is what the daily deals were

Day 1

Mystery gift - any order placed on day 1 received a mystery surprise in with their parcel

Day 2

Todays deal was 10% off your order 

Day 3

Each order received a cute little bottle of flowers with their order

Day 4

Today we included a fairy garden in a terracotta pot

Day 5

Each order received a bottle with a single flower

Day 6

Day 6 orders received 15% off the entire order

Day 7 

Today we had a bouquet of flowers in Christmas colours - very cute

Day 8

Well that's tomorrow so you will have to wait and see :-)

If you would still like to receive these daily deals please send me an email before Dec 12 and I will make it happen.


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New Ownership


How excited am I to be the new owner of Olli and Ash 😊

I have a background in Craft and when I saw that these amazing designs and flowers may no longer be available I reached out to Ash to see if they were interested in selling.

Answer  - YES and so what seems like the longest and shortest month in history here I am – the new owner.

I plan to continue selling the beautiful designs created by Ash, possibly bringing back old favourites,  as well as expanding in the new year to a new range.  Watch this space.

12 days of Christmas

Rather than having an “under new ownership” sale we are having a 12 days of Christmas promotion – there will be a new gift per day added to every order received from Dec 1 to Dec 12. Daily gifts will be advertised each morning.

Thanks Ash for allowing me the opportunity to buy your business I am sure I will continue the standard your wonderful customers have become accustomed to.


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Olli & Ash For Sale!!

We're selling!!!

Here's your chance to work with these tiny rainbow flowers and create unique and in demand products.

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The Solution To Dying Flowers

Sick and tired of spending $20 on fresh flowers that only last a week and then always seem to leave a horrid lingering smell when they are thrown out?

Not having much luck with your green-thumb (and that includes killing succulents!)?

Do you lack enough hours in your day/week to tend to plant life around your home?

If you are like US and answered YES to all of the above – then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the home of Little Blooming Wonder – REAL chrysanthemum flowers that bloom for up to 10 years with minimal care.

What are they and how does it work?

 Little Blooming Wonder flowers are 100% real flowers.

They are not paper flowers, they are not silk or fabric flowers and they are not preserved flowers. They are a type of Chrysanthemum flower naturally grown and handpicked from Japan.

But if they are real – how do they bloom for so long?

At the early stages of growth the flower and the stem are handpicked and then snapped frozen. Frosting technology is also applied to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower. This process is what stops the flower naturally pollinating, growing, fading, withering away and it also keeps the flowers tiny size and shape.  To ensure the flowers stay as bright as possible over a 10 year period, a touch of colouring is added to the flowers during the freezing process.

There is actually no root system - it is purely the stem and flower arranged in a foam oasis. This means, there is no need to use soil, fertaliser, excessive watering or place the flowers in sunlight. So put simply – these guys can’t be killed!!!

How much of my time and attention will they require?

Stick with us here…..

Even though we have the same amount of hours in our day as Beyonce – most of us don’t have personal assistants, nannies, in-house maids, chefs, gyms etc so time is precious.

That’s the beauty of Little Blooming Wonder. Our flowers are incredibly low maintenance (unlike your partner or children) – all they require is one spray of water per week, but if you forget to spray them here or there, they still remain fully bloomed and look as vibrant as ever.

But something cool happens when they are sprayed with water…..

The flowers are in a semi-frozen state which means they differ from dried/ preserved flowers, that have of all their moisture extracted from them. But why do they react to water? The freezing and frosting process helps retain some moisture, however, it also leaves the flowers slightly dehydrated. This causes the flowers to absorb moisture & react by closing up within 20 seconds of being sprayed with water. You will not get this same reaction if you sprayed dried and/ or preserved flowers with water.

Check out this time lapsed video below.


A video posted by Olli & Ash (@olliandash) on


So if you love to having a little bit of nature or greenery in your home or office.

If you want flowers that last longer than 1 week.

If you’re after a super unique gift that no one has ever seen before then check out our Little Blooming Wonder range below. There is a design to suit any décor and a price point to suit any budget.

P.S  All of our designs can be customised to display flower colours of your preference.

Click Here To View The Range

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Choosing A Blooming Design

With a wide range of designs available and a multitude of flower colour combinations to select from, the idea of choosing which Little Blooming Wonder design is best for you can be quite difficult.

So here are some pointers to think about before making that perfect purchase:

  1. Who Is It For?

Is this a gift or are you spoiling yourself? If it is a gift, smaller designs are a nice way to surprise someone special with a very unique product and the larger designs are a great way to celebrate significant milestones and birthdays. Being able to customize the flower colours is also a very nice personal touch. If you are spoiling yourself – you may want to read on to help choose the right design.

  1. Where Will I Put It?

Knowing exactly what room your Little Blooming Wonder design will be placed makes the decision a little easier. Is it a grand room which demands larger scale designs? If so – the Large Projectile and Medium Projectile are great large scale eye catchers. Is it a dull room which just requires a touch of colour? If so – any of the medium sized designs such as the Small Sphere are the perfect size. Is it an office desk with limited space? No worries – the smaller designs like Small Square, Milk Bottle, Small Beaker etc are pint sized designs perfect for desk decoration (or desk distractions). Can you hang a design from the ceiling? If so, the Globe and Droplet are striking choices. Knowing the final resting place of your flowers helps when trying to determine the size you will need.

  1. What Flower Colours Would Work Best?

Again – you need to think about the final resting place of the flowers and then look around to see what the existing décor looks like. Olli & Ash love neutral bases with the accessories adding splashes of colour – therefore the multi colour flower colour option suits us to a tee. However, the flower colour combinations are endless, so consider whether or not you want your design to blend in with current room/ décor themes or add an eye-catching contrast. And remember – you can’t go wrong with white!


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What Colour Are You?

We often brag about our custom flower colour design service - but have never really showcased EXACTLY what flower colours you can choose from.

So without further ado - below is our Little Blooming Wonder flower colour menu :)

There are two categories: Frequently available flower colours and subject to availability flower colours.

Our Little Blooming Wonder flowers are 100% real flowers - therefore (just like in nature) there will be slight variations to the tones and colours + subject to availability of specific colours showcased below throughout the course of the year.

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Custom Flower Colour Design

Even though the standard arrangement of bright, multi-coloured flowers are our specialty - ALL of our Little Blooming Wonder designs can be customised to feature your favourite colours.

Whether it be to suit a certain colour scheme in any room, or a cute and memorable gift for someone expecting a baby boy or baby girl, or if you simply can't get enough of specific colour tones - then feel free to contact us at any time and let us know what colours tickle your fancy.

In the meantime - feast your eyes on some flower colour combo's we have worked with in the past.


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They really do glow!!

Today we are taking a closer look at the NEW Glow In The Dark range and how you can get the best glowing results from your Little Blooming Wonder flowers.

The Glow In The Dark flowers are exactly the same type of Chrysanthemum flower which is naturally grown, hand picked and then subjected to the same freezing and frosting technology as the standard range of Little Blooming Wonder flowers. They call for the same weekly watering and they react the same to the water by closing up within 20 seconds of being sprayed and bloom back open once dry.

The difference with this new range of flowers, is that they all have a glowing substance carefully placed in each tiny little flower (by hand) which enables the flowers to glow for up to 5-8 hours at a time. Like all glowing substances (glow sticks, lights, paint, toys etc) they require a catalyst in order to glow. And in the case of our Little Blooming Wonder flowers, the catalyst is direct light.

We have found that artificial light such as lamps, torches and even the iPhone torch works best, as strong sunlight can damage the flowers. The longer you place the flowers under the artificial light, the longer the glowing effect will be.


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Where The Hell Would I Put It?

Like the Little Blooming Wonder range but have no idea where you would put it or what you would do with it?

Draw some inspiration from the image gallery here which showcases the designs in various places, such as; bookshelves, shadow boxes, work spaces, nurseries and more.

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