What The Blooming Hell Is It?

Real flowers that bloom for 10 years? Yeah Right!!! I don't believe it!! Can't be true!!

Believe us - over the last 2 years it has been no easy task trying to educate people about our Little Blooming Wonder flowers, including their uniqueness and value for money. Without seeing and touching the flowers first hand, it's difficult to just take "someone's word for it".

One of the main reasons we have created this blog is to share all of our knowledge, tips and insights with you. Our blog is your one-stop-shop for information on this wonderfully intriguing and cute little flower.

So here are some quick facts about our flowers which we hope helps clear any confusion and also helps to highlight their uniqueness and worth:

1). Yes they are real flowers. They are not paper flowers, they are not silk or fabric flowers and they are not preserved flowers. They are a type of Chrysanthemum flower naturally grown and hand picked from Japan.

2). At the early stages of growth the flower and the stem are hand picked and snapped frozen. Frosting technology is also applied to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower. This process is what stops the flower naturally pollinating, growing, fading, withering away and it also keeps the flowers tiny size and shape. 

3). There is no root system - it is purely the stem and flower arranged in a foam oasis. This means, there is no need to use soil, fertaliser, excessive watering or place the flowers in sunlight. The flowers are covered with a dried moss purely for aesthetic purposes.

4). To ensure the flowers stay as bright as possible over a 10 year period, a touch of colouring is added to the flowers during the freezing process.

5). The flowers are in a semi-frozen state which means they differ from dried/ preserved flowers, which have of all their moisture extracted from them. But why do they react to water? The freezing and frosting process helps retain some moisture, however, it also leaves the flowers slightly dehydrated. This causes the flowers to absorb moisture & react by closing up within 20 seconds of being sprayed with water. You will not get this same reaction if you sprayed dried and/ or preserved flowers with water.



Our #littlebloomingwonder flowers close up tight within 20secs of being sprayed with water and they bloom back open again once completely dry.#littlebloomingwonder #flowers #blooms #chrysanthemums #timelapsevideo #magic #olliandash

Posted by Olli & Ash on Monday, June 8, 2015



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