What Are We Made Of?

Our Little Blooming Wonder designs are individually handmade by us - Olli & Ash.

They are not a mass produced product - therefore, they remain a super unique creation and no two designs are ever the same.  This also means that creating each individual design takes time, love and patience. But who wouldn't love playing with tiny, colourful flowers everyday????

So what are we made of?

All Little Blooming Wonder designs are made up of the following components:

- Glass vase (all Australian / locally sourced)

- A foam oasis for the flowers (Australian / locally sourced)

- Dried moss (currently using reindeer moss which is Australian / locally sourced)

- Little Blooming Wonder flowers which bloom for up to 10 years

The flowers do not grow (as there is no root system) they are simply cut to suit the individual dimensions of the various glass designs.

Below is a time lapse video showcasing how our Little Blooming Wonder Milk Bottle design is made (if only we could make all of our designs within 37secs!!!)


On our Blog today: a closer look at what our designs are made of and a quick look at how they are made. Direct link in comments below

Posted by Olli & Ash on Monday, June 22, 2015



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