They really do glow!!

Today we are taking a closer look at the NEW Glow In The Dark range and how you can get the best glowing results from your Little Blooming Wonder flowers.

The Glow In The Dark flowers are exactly the same type of Chrysanthemum flower which is naturally grown, hand picked and then subjected to the same freezing and frosting technology as the standard range of Little Blooming Wonder flowers. They call for the same weekly watering and they react the same to the water by closing up within 20 seconds of being sprayed and bloom back open once dry.

The difference with this new range of flowers, is that they all have a glowing substance carefully placed in each tiny little flower (by hand) which enables the flowers to glow for up to 5-8 hours at a time. Like all glowing substances (glow sticks, lights, paint, toys etc) they require a catalyst in order to glow. And in the case of our Little Blooming Wonder flowers, the catalyst is direct light.

We have found that artificial light such as lamps, torches and even the iPhone torch works best, as strong sunlight can damage the flowers. The longer you place the flowers under the artificial light, the longer the glowing effect will be.


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