Choosing A Blooming Design

With a wide range of designs available and a multitude of flower colour combinations to select from, the idea of choosing which Little Blooming Wonder design is best for you can be quite difficult.

So here are some pointers to think about before making that perfect purchase:

  1. Who Is It For?

Is this a gift or are you spoiling yourself? If it is a gift, smaller designs are a nice way to surprise someone special with a very unique product and the larger designs are a great way to celebrate significant milestones and birthdays. Being able to customize the flower colours is also a very nice personal touch. If you are spoiling yourself – you may want to read on to help choose the right design.

  1. Where Will I Put It?

Knowing exactly what room your Little Blooming Wonder design will be placed makes the decision a little easier. Is it a grand room which demands larger scale designs? If so – the Large Projectile and Medium Projectile are great large scale eye catchers. Is it a dull room which just requires a touch of colour? If so – any of the medium sized designs such as the Small Sphere are the perfect size. Is it an office desk with limited space? No worries – the smaller designs like Small Square, Milk Bottle, Small Beaker etc are pint sized designs perfect for desk decoration (or desk distractions). Can you hang a design from the ceiling? If so, the Globe and Droplet are striking choices. Knowing the final resting place of your flowers helps when trying to determine the size you will need.

  1. What Flower Colours Would Work Best?

Again – you need to think about the final resting place of the flowers and then look around to see what the existing décor looks like. Olli & Ash love neutral bases with the accessories adding splashes of colour – therefore the multi colour flower colour option suits us to a tee. However, the flower colour combinations are endless, so consider whether or not you want your design to blend in with current room/ décor themes or add an eye-catching contrast. And remember – you can’t go wrong with white!


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