New Ownership


How excited am I to be the new owner of Olli and Ash 😊

I have a background in Craft and when I saw that these amazing designs and flowers may no longer be available I reached out to Ash to see if they were interested in selling.

Answer  - YES and so what seems like the longest and shortest month in history here I am – the new owner.

I plan to continue selling the beautiful designs created by Ash, possibly bringing back old favourites,  as well as expanding in the new year to a new range.  Watch this space.

12 days of Christmas

Rather than having an “under new ownership” sale we are having a 12 days of Christmas promotion – there will be a new gift per day added to every order received from Dec 1 to Dec 12. Daily gifts will be advertised each morning.

Thanks Ash for allowing me the opportunity to buy your business I am sure I will continue the standard your wonderful customers have become accustomed to.


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