Boho Planters

Little Blooming Wonder


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Boho Planter 10cm x 2cm


Options include:

Plain Planter in; Pink, Purple or Black

Flower Crown Planter in: Pink, Purple or Black (custom flower requests available OR standard multi coloured flowers)

The Boho Planters are the perfect little companion, as they add a low maintenance hint of greenery to your space. It's so easy to grow cute little plants, as the planters are extremely easy to maintain thanks to a self sufficient hydroponic design. No need to constantly remember (or forget) to water your plants - these guys draw up what moisture they require from the base of the design. All you need to do is simply fill the base up with water, plant your seeds using a nutritional potting mixture, place in direct sunlight and watch your seedlings grow. Once the water runs out, simply remove the head and fill back up with water.

Opt to receive just the planter and grow your own plant OR opt to use the planter as a cute little storage piece for small items such as hair ties, rubber bands, paper clips etc and receive the planter with a Little Blooming Wonder flower crown.

If you need the item for a particular date, please contact Olli & Ash directly via before making any purchase.

In an Australian first, lovers of real fresh flowers can now boast vibrant, low maintenance flowers in the home which flourish and survive up to 10 years!
Exclusive to Olli and Ash, Little Blooming Wonder is an eco-friendly solution to having eye-catching, fresh flowers professionally displayed in the home or office which require minimal care.
The colourful flowers, known as Chrysanthemum, are cut during the early stages of growth and using only the flower and stem, they are snap frozen using exclusive technology to retain their tiny size, vibrant colour and overall freshness.

The colourful Chrysanthemum flowers, Japan’s national flower and Australia’s flower of choice for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, are arranged in handmade glass vases which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the petite 10cm high heart shape vase for Valentine’s Day or the giant 40cm high Tube design for the office, Little Blooming Wonder comes pre-arranged with a vast array of flowers in various colours, trimmed to suit the glass vase design selected.

Requiring no initial assembly, these gorgeous tiny flowers are unique as they do not require soil, excessive water, fertilizer or direct sunlight. But make no mistake – these flowers are 100% real.

The true testament of these real flowers is also what makes it stand apart from its dried flower counterparts. Little Blooming Wonder only requires one spray of water per week. After the vibrant flowers are sprayed, you can watch in amazement as the buds close tightly and then fully bloom again when the flowers are completely dry.

Starting at just $30 for the smaller designs, Little Blooming Wonder is a worthwhile investment thanks to its unique characteristics. With the average cost of a fresh bunch of flowers comfortably totaling $10 a week, wouldn’t you rather spend $5,200 over ten years on other luxuries?

Terms & Conditions:
Payment must be made in full before products are dispatched.

Returns Policy:
Olli & Ash will happily replace faulty and/or damaged goods which have broken in transit if notified 3 days after receiving your purchase. However, it is up to the purchaser to ensure the flowers are cared for as per the care instructions/ recommendations. No refund will be given to purchasers who fail to follow the care instructions/ recommendations.

Important Delivery Information:
If specific designs are not currently in stock, it will take up to 3 weeks for your product to arrive. The flower will NOT wither or die during shipping thanks to the advance freezing technology, however, if the flowers move around during transit, then you will need to gently move the flower span to the bottom of the glass and cover it with the grass, Be extremely gentle as the flowers and stems are fragile.